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A series of inspired retreats empowering meditative reflection, creative expression, myth-making, and storytelling through creative writing, activities, recreation, circle, and silence.


what are core retreats?

core (n.) "heart or inmost part of anything" (especially an apple, pear, etc.) of uncertain origin, probably from Old French cor, coeur "core of fruit, heart of lettuce," literally "heart," from Latin cor "heart," from PIE root *kerd- “heart."
core | Etymology, origin and meaning of core by etymonline |  Mar 31, 2018

Designed for writers, artists, creatives, and dreamers seeking deeper connection with their feelings, personal narrative, and voice, Core Retreats engage different exercises, prompts, activities, and experiences to spark connection, move the creative juices, and deepen our experience of our lives. While Core Retreats often offer profound creative breakthroughs, your only responsibility is to be present to the day and see where your engagement, imagination, and inspiration take you.


Give yourself the gift of a day at an inspired retreat empowering meditative reflection, creative expression, myth-making, and connection with nature and personal narrative.

Each CORE Retreat explores a unique theme, archetype, paradigm, or other lens to engage/consider through creative prompts, dynamic meditations, recreational activities, and writing exercises. Though anchored in the same simple principles, each retreat draws on unique creative approaches to stimulate, inspire, and unblock

Separation from the mundane is important to the day, so we'll create and share sacred space, break bread, sip beverages, and explore, reflect, write, connect, and learn together.

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