Our bodies are home to much magic. We don't yet understand all of the reasons and ways our bodies respond to sensory experiences like touch, sound, and smell.


At Untamed Alchemy, I have come to trust the singularly safe, effective, and profound holistic healing achieved through sound therapy, chakra balancing, and other vibrational and energetic therapies.


I've seen a well-placed tuning fork create a jolt of release down a client's leg. I've watched a client dissolve into tears of relief as a resonant fork approached an area of past emotional trauma. I've witnessed the profound shift in a client who got on the table frustrated and furious from their work day and emerged serene and compassionate from their chakra work.


I can incorporate sound and energy work into any massage-based treatment. Bespoke sound- and/or energy-focused sessions are also available; call or text me at (208)304-6054 to set up your customized session.

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