Thoughtfully-crafted essential oil blends, herbal brews, and aromatic creations that balance safety & efficacy with inspired, higher purpose. Crafted with premium, natural and organic ingredients that empower sacred connection with our plant allies.


After my conscience called me to limit the offerings that feature third-party essential oils to only a handful of legacy and wholesale products, my blending, brewing, and creating shifted toward items crafted using aromatics and medicinal herbs organically grown, wild-crafted, and distilled on our North Idaho homestead, Five Element Farm.

Thanks to an emphasis on biodynamic principles, a deep connection with and commitment to this place and its biotope, and a thriving, generous animal and wildlife community, I often have enough wild- and farm-crafted ingredients to not only create a limited number of truly extraordinary magickal and medicinal blends and brews, but also offer some to other creators. If you're interested in sourcing them, email me to learn more.

I am a solopreneur with a background in liberation theology & community service.

Personally and professionally, I am an accomplice in manifesting justice, creating equity, demanding inclusion, and empowering visibility.

I don't tolerate hate, racism, judgment, or violent speech/behavior in any of the spaces I curate or occupy.