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Engage coaching to UNLOCK your potential, ENERGIZE your experience, and TRANSFORM your life.



Transformation coaching is a very different coaching experience.


While coaching alone is a celebrated and effective tool for empowering people to be and feel their best, Transformation Coaching at Untamed Alchemy adds depth, breadth, and power to traditional coaching methods by grounding your exploration in YOUR values. Your transformation coaching experience will both draw on trusted techniques and reflect your goals and your spirituality.

By design, Transformation Coaching facilitates

enormous change in your life.

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Oracles invite us to connect with the profound power of archetypes and symbology to energize our lived experience.

Oracles reveal what may be hidden and see what may be secret: they are messengers, advocates, and allies. 


I bring over 25 years of study & experience to my work with oracles and divination. As a student of symbology, archetypes, alchemy, and mythology, I've offered insights to my clients using Nordic runes, the I-Ching, and alchemical divination; I've been a professional Tarot card reader at both the Southern & Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faires. (I've even been the colorful card & crystal reader who surprises and awes initially passive clients at corporate parties...)

My Clarity Readings are inspired, insightful, dynamic, and FUN.

Book your Clarity Reading to engage your preferred deck or tool

and get clear on what's possible.

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Engage coaching to UNLOCK your potential, ENERGIZE your experience, and TRANSFORM your life.


  • Explore coaching, meet your coach, and discover what's possible...

  • Engage an experienced, inspired coach to help you achieve your dreams.

    45 US dollars
  • Get guidance with insights from the Tarot and tuning forks.

    45 US dollars