About Untamed Alchemy

un・tamed: (adjective) wild. maintaining the behavior or properties found in its natural state. not domesticated or otherwise controlled. possessed of nature's original, intended disposition.

al・che・my: (noun) a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination that brings together individual elements or ingredients to create something vastly different and greater than the sum of its original parts.

Untamed Alchemy empowers a healing connection between narrative and nature. It celebrates the magical in the mundane, the sacred and the profane.

Inspired by non-denominational spirituality and liberation theology, informed by archetypes and symbology, anchored in personal narrative/storytelling, and fueled by passionate, personal purpose, Untamed Alchemy is a powerful framework and empowering approach to healing, growth, and change.

At its heart, Untamed Alchemy is dynamic, deliberate relationship with magick, myth, meaning, and nature to facilitate personal, interpersonal & collective transformation and healing.


Untamed Alchemy maintains The Untamed Experience as the home of its online courses, resource library, and community forums. You can find details for upcoming on-site, in-person workshops at The Untamed Workshop. Untamed Alchemy's founder and creatrix, The Untamed Alchemist® also maintains a robust blog at theuntamedalchemist.com.


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