Flower of Life Chakra Pyramid Crystal Grid Kit w/ Chakra Oils

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Untamed Alchemy's Flower of Life Chakra Pyramid Crystal Grid Kit with Chakra Oil Blends is perfect for anyone wanting to make their energetic chakra work manifest in the physical plane. Used in conjunction with chakra meditation or set to create balance and harmony in a public space, this grid beautifully celebrates and embodies the seven subtle energy centers assocaited with the Chakra system. This kit includes:


  • a 12-inch laser-engraved Flower of Life Chakra Crystal Grid with the symbols of the seven Chakras aligned up the center of the grid
  • seven Carved Gemstone Pyramids aligned to each Chakra: Root - Red Jasper, Sacral - Orange Aventurine, Solar Plexus - Yellow Aventurine, Heart - Green Aventurine, Throat - Blue Agate, Brow/Third Eye - Lapis Lazuli, & Crown - Amethyst with symbols carved at the base of each pyramid for their respective symbols
  • Clear Quartz tumbled gemstones (8)
  • a complete set of Untamed Alchemy's Chakra Oil essential oil blends (seven chakra-corresponding blends each in a 10 ml roll-on bottle)
  • Reusable Muslin Bags with Flower of Life Sterling Silver Charms; and
  • a downloadable Chakra poster and brochure for keys to using your oil blends in Chakra work.


In addition, you'll receive access to a guide to building and using your chakra crystal grid along with Untamed Alchemy's inspired "how-to" guide on setting up and working with crystal grids.


We're sorry, but we're out of many of the gemstone information cards that accompany this set; you'll find information on each stone in the guide to the kit itself. We'll include all relevant information cards for the kit that we have available.

  • The Flower of Life is a symbol of sacred geometry created from nineteen overlapping and interlocking circles in six-fold symmetry. Associated with the connection between all things (“We Are All Connected”), celebration of our shared source (“We Are All One”), and the cycle of life (“We All Come From and Go To Source”), the Flower of Life is the embodiment of sacred geometry born from the seed of life before it becomes the fruit of life; it is the fragile, tender, fragrant flower of possibility. As such, it holds all possibility of any fruit not yet made manifest.

    Hindu metaphysical tradition recognizes Chakras (Sanskrit for “Wheel” or “Turning”) as wheels of vital energy or life force arranged along the body’s midline. There are seven primary chakras, each corresponding to a different vital point in the body.

    In addition to their associations on the body, chakras also align with unique areas of life experience & emotions. The relative health, balance—or imbalance—of your chakras can impact your body, mind, & spirit. Untamed Alchemy has created its premium Chakra Oil Set featuring sublime, inspired blends to nurture, awaken, and balance individual chakras and your chakra system as a whole; a guide to the chakras, their correpsondences, and the oil blends accompanies the kit.

    The Flower of Life grid has the seven chakras, or energetic “Wheels of Light”, arranged on the Flower in their order from root (1st) to crown (7th).

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