Japanese Charcoal Tablets for incense are a huge step up from traditional self-lighting charcoal tablets. Whereas most tablets are large, round, and made of larger grain ground charcoal, these tablets are smaller, rectangular, and created with a much finer--and cleaner burning--charcoal. If you've noticed grains of charcoal "sparking" outside of your burner from traditional tablets and you want less aromatic interference from the tablet's smoke, I can highly recommend these!


Japanese charcoal tablets work a bit differently than the tablets you may be used to. For one thing, they are traditionally set upon White Ash, not sand. For another thing, we don't place materials to be burned, smoked, or offered directly on these tablets. Instead, we place them near the tablet to allow the heat to smolder/smoke them. Since they are a bit smaller than traditional tablets, you'll want to handle them differently at ignition, too. Hold the tablet with tweezers while you ignite it. Once the corner is lit, place the tablet on the White Ash in your heatproof incense burner. Blow softly on the tablet to ensure it is lit and extending its fire across the tablet. When it is fully ignited, you can carefully place your resins, herbs, or other offerings around the tablet. For precious resins, I use a silver teaspoon to place a small amount of White Ash directly on the heated charcoal and then place my resins on top of that ash to allow for a cleaner "melt" and burn. Burnt offerings can be picked out and White Ash can be sifted to keep a clean appearance and energy.


Japanese Incense Charcoal Tablets are sold together with White Ash for your convenience. Each box of charcoal contains 48 rectangular tablets (9 mm high) and ships with a 1.7 ounce bag of White Ash.

Japanese Incense Charcoal Tablets & White Ash