The Sacred Triangle Grid offers a simple, straightforward way to raise energy and create safe, sacred space for your intentions.


Each kit includes a laser-engraved Sacred Triangle crystal grid (6-inch) and six terminated points of either Tiger's Eye (wide, ~1.5 inches high) OR Lapis Lazuli (narrow, ~1 inch high), Untamed Alchemy's Gemstone Information Cards for the associated stones, and access to Untamed Alchemy's guide to working wih crystal grids.


Sacred Triangle Grids w/Terminated Points

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  • Triangles represent balance, strength, and ascension. As the most stable form in the geometric family, they can fortify our resolve with respect to intentions.

    When placed with their point placing down, triangles align with the Divine Feminine; pointed up, they align with the Sacred Masculine.

    Tiger's Eye represents confidence, balance, positivity.

    Lapis Lazuli represents protection, positivity, and growth.

    The number six represent harmony, connectivity, aspiration, and grace.