Untamed Alchemy's Storyteller Tree of Life Crystal Grid & Oracle series features a specially curated selection of tools to empower your connection to your history, heritage, lineage, and legacy.


The Storyteller Tree of Life Crystal Grid & Rune Kit provides everything you need to celebrate your ancestors with magic and invite their blessing into your life:


  • A 9-inch laser-engraved Tree of Life crystal grid

  • Large Lapis Lazuli tumbled gemstones (6)
  • Red Jasper tumbled gemstones (6)
  • Lapis Lazuli gemstone 2-inch terminated point (1)
  • Untamed Alchemy's Gemstone Information Cards for associated stones
  • Oaken Runes cut from a single branch of oak & inscribed with traditional Elder Futhark Rune symbols with a blue velvet bag
  • Untamed Alchemy's Elemental Altar Anointing essential oils blends of Earth, Air, Fire & Water (one each, in 5 ml bottles with orifice reducers)
  • an 8-inch hand-rolled green beeswax candle
  • Tree of Life Loose Incense with Palo Santo and ground Dragon's Blood, Frankincense, Myrrh & Opoponax Resins (a 2 oz. tin); and
  • a paperback copy of Nordic Runes by Paul Rhys Mountfort.


In addition, you'll receive access to download the associated guide to your Storyteller Tree Crystal Grid & Oracle Kit along with access to Untamed Alchemy's inspired "how-to" guide on setting up and working with crystal grids.


Storyteller Tree of Life Grid & Rune Kit

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  • Trees are associated with roots and lineage. With their limbs stretched into the air and their roots embedded deep in the earth, trees represent both the energy that grounds us, the source from which we come, and the energy we that is made manifest in the visible, tangible world from that source. Symbolically, images of full trees with roots show us the unification of heaven and earth and the balance of past and present. The Tree of Life calls us to remember ours is the blessing of hundreds of loves, losses, and lifetimes - and calls us in to tell the stories associated with them.

    Lapis Lazuli is fiercely protective. Its association with clear, critical thinking and sound judgment coupled with its tendency to dispel negative influences makes it a powerful stone to stand on your grid in the name and place of  ancestors who have volunteered to guide, protect, and encourage you as you shape the story of you.

    Fiery Red Jasper will help you break down barriers to receiving your ancestors' wisdom and blessings; it is especially powerful in connecting us to the grandmothers who offer us help in healing our maternal lines. For storytellers, Red Jasper empowers breakthroughs and ignites passion for sharing one's voice.

    Oak is considered both a Keeper of the Door to the Otherworld and the door itself. Powerfully aligned with possibility (acorns/seeds) and protection (shelter/stability), Oak is especially linked with both Anglo-Saxon and Viking heritages. Oaken Runes offer simple but powerful tools to connect with symbolism, language, and lore.