Untamed Alchemy's Storyteller Tree Crystal Grid & Oracle series features a specially curated selection of tools to empower your connection to your history, heritage, lineage, and legacy to facilitate your work with your own story and personal myth.


The Storyteller Tree Crystal Grid & Tarot Kit provides tools to help you celebrate your ancestors with magic, invite their blessing into your life, stand strong independently, and stretch your truth into the world. The kit includes:


  • A 9-inch laser-engraved Tree of Life crystal grid
  • large tumbled Tiger's Eye gemstones (12)
  • premium Clear Quartz Crystal tumbled gemstones (6)
  • Tiger's Eye terminated point 3-inch tall (1)
  • Untamed Alchemy's Gemstone Information Cards for associated stones
  • The Robin Wood Tarot deck with a blue velvet bag
  • Untamed Alchemy's Elemental Altar Anointing essential oils blends of Earth, Air, Fire & Water (one each, in 5 ml bottles with orifice reducers)
  • an 8-inch hand-rolled green beeswax candle
  • Tree of Life Loose Incense with Palo Santo and ground Dragon's Blood, Frankincense, Myrrh & Opoponax Resins (a 2 oz. tin); and
  • a copy of either Goddesses in Every Woman: Powerful Archetypes in Women's Lives or Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women Over Fifty by Jean Shinoda Bolen.


In addition, you'll receive access to download the associated guide to your Storyteller Tree of Life Crystal Grid & Oracle Kit along with access to Untamed Alchemy's inspired "how-to" guide on setting up and working with crystal grids.

Storyteller Tree of Life Grid & Tarot Kit

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  • Trees are associated with roots and lineage. With their limbs stretched into the air and their roots embedded deep in the earth, trees represent both the energy that grounds us, the source from which we come, and the energy we that is made manifest in the visible, tangible world from that source. Symbolically, images of full trees with roots show us the unification of heaven and earth and the balance of past and present. The Tree of Life calls us to remember ours is the blessing of hundreds of loves, losses, and lifetimes - and it calls us in to speak of those blessings as storytellers.

    Tiger's Eye imparts confidence, balance, and positivity. With its ability to soothe anger and old wounds, it offers a healing channel between you and your ancestors. Tiger's Eye creates harmony in relationships and promotes psychic illumination. For storytellers, Tiger's Eye illuminates how being able to see the big picture informs our personal myth.

    Clear Quartz Crystal amplifies intentions and energies, clears and balances, breaks through blockages, and facilitates healing work.

    Jean Shinoda Bolen's books connect women to mythological archetypes empowering us to put the power of myth to work in our lives. They invite you to discover and engage the magic of personal myth-making.