Created as part of Untamed Alchemy's Moon Witch Kit series to help you raise Earth magic energy in conjunction with meditations, spells, rituals, and gemstone work conducted at the various phases of the moon, the Moon Witch Kit w/ Labradorite includes:


  • a laser-engraved Moon Phase crystal grid (9-inch) engraved with the phases of the moon
  • Labradorite tumbled gemstones (5)
  • Black Obsidian tumbled gemstones (2)
  • small Clear Quartz Crystal sphere (1)
  • large Selenite gemstone pyramid (1)
  • Untamed Alchemy’s Gemstone Information Cards for all associated gemstones
  • Untamed Alchemy’s Silver Moon Incense with Cedarwood, Vetiver, & Silver Fir essential oils
  • Untamed Alchemy’s Fundamental Elementals including Earth, Air, Fire & Water blends diluted in jojoba for anointing your altar and sacred items (four total, 5 ml with orifice reducers)
  • reusable Muslin Bags with Sterling Silver Moon Phase Charms that can be applied to jewelry or sewn into clothing for spell work; and
  • Untamed Alchemy Sweet Moon Loose Tea with Organic White Silver Needle Tea, Organic Lemon Balm & Organic Rose Buds (0.5 oz)


There are three Earth Magic Moon Witch kits available: two with larger Labradorite stones and one with slightly smaller Labradorite stones. The Selenite pyramid included with each kit will be no less than 1.5 inches tall and approximately 2 inches wide at the base.


In addition, you'll receive access to download the associated guide to your crystal grid kit along with access to Untamed Alchemy's inspired "how-to" guide on setting up and working with crystal grids.

The Moon Witch Kit w/Labradorite

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  • All life is intimately connected with and informed by the phases of the Moon. She causes the tides of the ocean to swell and recede, calls the sap in trees to rise and settle, and encourages seeds deep in the soil to sprout. Witches have long celebrated the Moon thanks in no small part to her association with the sacred feminine and her connection with women’s menstrual cycles.

    Broadly, the Moon is associated with cycles, flow, and fertility, farming and gardening, hearth, family and home, dreams and psychic work, medicine, and creativity.

    At Untamed Alchemy, we work a lot with archetypes and alchemical associations. Because the Moon’s apparent phases occur as a result of shadows (She doesn’t actually expand and contract, after all), we also recognize the Moon as a means for conducting Shadow work, that is to say work on the hidden, secret, or repressed parts of our own psyche, the part of our unconscious mind that is untamed and non-conforming.

    Clear Quartz Crystal amplifies, clears, balances, aligns, and breaks through obstacles.

    Labradorite expands and deepens our spiritual connection to nature.

    Selenite (named after Selene, the goddess of the Moon) is associated with Moon energy and spell work; it looks and feels like moonlight made tangible. Selenite enhances psychic connection and facilitates intention-setting.

    With the Silver Moon Incense we connect with the unwavering support, grounded strength, and shimmering endurance of Cedarwood, Vetiver, & Silver Fir.

    The Fundamental Elemental Oil blends for Earth, Air, Fire & Water can be used to anoint sacred objects, mark the four directions in a sacred circle, raise energy according to where you need balance, or even be diluted for application to the skin, We use these oil blends to amplify the energy of our intention(s) by anointing the stones, ourselves, our journals, and anything else that touches us and our work with intentions at the Moon's various phases. We're particularly fond of writing our intention on a Bay Leaf, placing a drop to seal it, placing the leaf under the grid, and then burning the leaf when our work with the grid is done.