On transformation coaching,

from M.L.

Coaching with Kristina is truly a sacred experience. Always grounded in deep love, she draws on deep wells of insight, knowledge, intuition, and spiritual connection to help tease out the areas in which I’m REALLY wanting to work and move forward. I come out of sessions with Kristina feeling cared for, supported, and confident that I have found tangible steps to take that will produce real growth and change in my life. I couldn’t be more appreciative of her skill as a coach and the impact it has on my life!

It is a singular gift to be coached by Kristina. She is completely inspiring and motivating. When you achieve your goals, she is there to celebrate with you. She is extraordinarily intuitive, and often guided me to precisely where I was already heading (but did not know it…yet!) I achieved measurable and thrilling success during my time being coached by Kristina. On top of all this she is one of the most generous listeners I have ever encountered. Plus, she’s fun! I offer her my highest recommendation.

On transformation coaching,

from R.K.

I am a solopreneur with a background in liberation theology & community service.

Personally and professionally, I am an accomplice in manifesting justice, creating equity, demanding inclusion, and empowering visibility.

I don't tolerate hate, racism, judgment, or violent speech/behavior in any of the spaces I curate or occupy.