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UNTAMED ALCHEMY™ offers a wide variety of wild & wise, natural & intentional, pure & simple tools to facilitate magic, encourage meaningful relationship, and inform personal transformation.
From inspired herbal/aromatic recipes and magical blends to creative rituals, inspired tools, and empowering resources, Untamed Alchemy has you covered.
Crafted by a qualified and experienced creatrix, Untamed Alchemy's recipes, blends, rituals, and resources are anchored by passion, purpose, intention, and integrity.
Aromatic creations are thoughtfully crafted by a qualified herbalist and aromatherapist with over 25 years experience working in the art and science of magic, ritual, symbology, and spirituality. Tools and products from other creators available through Untamed Alchemy include items we love from partners we trust and reflect our own delight in working with them.
I invite you to explore our collections...

WEARABLE SPELLS & MAGICAL JEWELRY are custom-crafted adornments featuring semiprecious gemstones, sterling silver charms, and sacred/symbolic elements to facilitate magic, anchor intention, and give you a way to carry a little bit of magic with you - on you - every day. Each design includes thoughtfully selected stones and powerfully aligned archetypes. Offered with information cards to help you connect with each creation and its associated magic, wearable spells and magical jewelry marry beauty and intention in everyday adornments.

Untamed Alchemy celebrates and makes magic every day - and encourages you to do the same! TOOLS FOR MAGIC, RITUAL & DIVINATION includes hand-crafted honeycomb beeswax candles for spell work and complete spell kits along with thoughtfully curated rune stone sets, Tarot cards, oracles, reference books, and other resources. Each is anchored in traditional symbology, reflective of traditional archetypes, and stunningly rendered.

Custom spell kits are made to order so they reflect everything from your desired outcome and preferences to your price range. The business of Untamed Alchemy began with bespoke SPELL KITS featuring oils, herbs, candles, stones, invocations, and ritual tools custom crafted for individual recipients based on their unique needs, preferences, and circumstances. Since then, I have made and shared hundreds of spell kits to support just about every intention: the sale of a house, improved self-care, ease in childbirth.... You can have one to make your own magic happen, too.


INCENSES & OILS includes herbal, powder, stick, and cone incenses along with proprietary essential oil blends that can be used to empower magical work and ritual practice. Each creation has been crafted using only organic and pesticide-free herbs from responsible sources, GC/MS-tested essential oils from reputable suppliers, wildcrafted materials from the woods and meadows of North Idaho, and magic from my own garden and copper stills.

I have always delighted in creating blends that reflect the wildness around me. Moving to North Idaho in 2014 provided a host of new wildcrafting opportunities and a whole new world in my work with HERBS. Many of my most popular blends feature sustainably wildcrafted ingredients or herbs grown on my own biodynamically-inspired farm. Infused with magical associations, these are my own favorite recipes. I'm delighted to share some of them with you.


I'm passionate about quality, safety, efficacy, and inspired natural products so I've invested time, money, and energy in studying essential oil safety, aromatherapy, carrier oils and butters, and cosmetic formulation. In FACE & HANDS. my favorite formulations are available to you. Crafted with pure, pesticide-free essential oils, certified organic carrier oils, and sustainably-sourced ingredients, each product is super premium and tested right here in my house on my own skin. Each one reflects a product I or my clients saw a need for--and every one is one I use myself.

I'm especially deliberate in my magic and intention in my BATH & BODY products. For one thing, I am ADDICTED to ritual baths and delighted by intentional self-care, and, well.... I don't always have time for something fancy, so.... a magical shower, symbolic bath, or ritual lotion are the perfect ways to bring some magic into my every day life.