Meet Kristina

Licensed Massage Therapist. Aromatherapist. Herbalist. Formulator. Transformation Coach. Sound & Energy Therapist.
Healing Facilitator. Change Agent.

For 30+ years, Kristina Bauer has studied, explored, and engaged the healing arts of symbology, touch, sound, and ceremony. Her life and work are marked by her love of nature, her joy in learning and doing, her curiosity in "old world wisdom," and her desire to celebrate, elevate, and create sacred experiences with body, mind, and soul. Her Bachelor's degree in women's studies and religion emphasized work in liberation theology and empowering women through knowledge, ritual, and divination; she sees every act, service, and offering as a chance for sacred relationship and an opportunity to heal & grow.

As a massage therapist and bodyworker since 2013, Kristina is proud to carry on the Santa Fe School of Massage's tradition of uniquely healing and nurturing therapeutic touch. She brings thoughtful attention, compassionate care, and uncompromising commitment to co-creating holistic healing experiences for her clients bodies, minds, and spirits. She draws on her broad training and experience in Swedish massage, deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, prenatal massage, biofield tuning, vibrational therapy, and healing touch to offer profoundly personalized and powerful sessions.

As a trained aromatherapist, herbalist, and hedgewitch with over 25 years of experience working with the art & science of essential oils, herbs, archetypes, symbology, and magical alchemy, Kristina celebrates nature and wild & wise things. Grounded in reciprocity, she crafts celebrated blends for sale, seasonal creations for customers, and bespoke blends & brews for clients; she delights in introducing the healing magic of herbs, oils, and nature to her massage and wellness clients.

In transformation coaching, Kristina puts her training and experience as a life & spiritual coach toward empowering her clients' individualized goals and desired outcomes. Her humor, grace, and compassion inform her positive, practical, creative approach to empowering radical, enduring change.

As a writer, teacher, and alchemist, Kristina sees her passion for nature, symbology, community, healing, and sacred relationship come to life. Now more than 40 years into her own healing journey, Kristina is genuinely happy to be here and humbled to be of service.

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