I am a solopreneur with itty-bitty influence. I'm also passionate - and imperfect.


I have much to (un)learn and I'm committed to being a curious, conscientious, and consistent student. I am also working personally and professionally to create safe space, manifest justice, build equity, demand inclusion, and empower visibility.

I don't tolerate hate, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, judgment, or violent speech/behavior in the spaces I create, curate, or occupy.

Want to understand what I mean?

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I am prepared to do and be better myself: if you see somewhere that I have fallen short/fallen down or discover something that I can improve to improve your experience of Untamed Alchemy, please let me know.


Untamed Alchemy has found an especially wild, wonderful home in North Idaho on land once inhabited by and sacred to indigenous peoples prior to their displacement. I acknowledge the traditional native inhabitants of this land including the Kalispel (Pend d'Oreilles), Ktunaxa (Kutenai), and Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d'Alene) tribes and I endeavor to enrich this land and acknowledge my debt to them by sharing some of the abundance my work creates.


I offer discounted rates and community service work for area tribes and tribe members as well as discounts for BIPOC; contact me directly to learn more.


Bless and blessed be,



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I stand behind my creations and your satisfaction with them is important to me. Due to the very nature of both personal and digital products, however, I cannot always offer a refund.

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Please let Kristina know as soon as possible if you will be unable to make your on-location, in-person session for massage therapy, bodywork, sound therapy, readings, or coaching. To protect the integrity of her schedule, Kristina requires that you provide a minimum of 24-hour advance notification of cancellation to avoid being charged for your in-person, on-location session.


Transformation coaching clients are bound by the details of their unique client coaching agreement; for information on your responsibilities around notifications, cancellation(s),  rescheduling, and other commitments as a transformation coaching client, please refer to your signed client coaching agreement. Coaching agreements typically require that you provide a minimum of 24-hour advance notification of cancellation to avoid being charged for your session.


Untamed Alchemy's in-person classes typically include materials and supplies that are purchased or created in advance of the class; cancellation cut-offs and refund details therefore depend heavily on the nature of the course. Please look at the cancellation and refund details provided with your class registration for information associated with your class.


Workshops and groups are sometimes co-facilitated and may therefore reflect the unique policies of a visiting provider. Details on cancellations and refunds for all in-person workshops and groups are provided with your registration for information associated with your class.

Please refer to your registration materials or group agreement for details.

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