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THIS is how you set your skin up for rest, recovery, and restoration overnight. Balancing Tamanu, nurturing Rose Hip Seed,  hydrating Aloe,  and a chorus of skin-healing aromatics (Carrot Seed! Myrrh! Rock Rose! Roman Chamomile! Jasmine!) yield a gentle, clarifying, nourishing night cream that’s out of this world.

Designed to offer serious, unfussy overnight support for sensitive, fussy skin, Astraea leverages antibacterial botanicals & non-comedogenic carriers to calm irritations, encourage healing, and balance your skin’s biome. Antioxidants & essential fatty acids bring support for recovery from damage.


Sold in a 2 oz. clear glass jar

Astraea Nourishing Night Cream

Only 9 left in stock
  • "I crafted Astraea to perform like a traditional cold cream or night cream--thick and rich, designed to cover, penetrate, and hydrate... it performs best on its own. With aromaceuticals designed to facilitate recovery for aged/damaged skin and gentle scents to encourage rest, Astraea makes a beautiful before-bed ritual. Apply a dime-sized amount over your palms and massage into the skin of the face and neck with broad, gentle strokes. Massage remainder into hands. Allow the cream to penetrate as you sleep sweet."

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