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Sorry, the shop is closed during

studio construction/expansion
(not to mention the complete refresh of our labels, branding, and website). 

I'll be back when the dust & compost have settled and
I'm ready for the 2024 market season.

For now, you can explore our farm-to face formulations and pure, natural skincare products by perusing the grid below.

If you're familiar with Untamed Alchemy, you will inevitably notice significant changes to packaging, labels, and the website in the coming weeks/months as I marry who/what Untamed Alchemy is with what it is becoming. Fear not! None of your favorite formulations have changed, I just needed to get my products looking and feeling themselves.😎

Please be patient while I improve, update, expand, clean up, and transform ALL. OF. THE, THINGS (website, packaging, labels, branding, facilities, farm gardens, help!) to get things caught up. I've been waiting to trigger this refresh for YEARS so I've got some infrastructure, tech, and design upgrades to implement to get what you see caught up to all of the changes and improvements I've been making behind the scenes...  I can't wait to share Untamed Alchemy's GLOW-UP from the other side soon!

xx Kristina_edited.png
mcm floral.png
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