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SEED+FRUIT is a love letter in a care package for your skin. Rich in skin-nourishing benefits like antioxidants, carotenoids, and essential fatty acids, this amazing remedy offers intense benefits to clear, tone, and improve skin’s color, lines & texture.


Originally crafted as a remedy for my *own* winter-wind whipped skin, SEED+FRUIT is designed to penetrate, moisturize, balance, and restore health to sun- wind-, and age-damaged skin. Perfect for post-exfoliation moisture, a(pre)s-ski indulgence, or whenever your face & neck need unapologetic, penetrating, unconditional love.


Sold in 1 oz frosted glass serum bottle with glass dropper

SEED+FRUIT Face Oil for Renewal

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  • "I first crafted SEED+FRUIT as a renewal oil for my own face after enduring a particularly long, cold, drying, and wind-whipping winter in North Idaho. The blend emphasizes the nurturing oils of pressed seeds and fruits rich in antioxidant carotenoids. Bright in color and rich in texture, SEED+FRUIT is a delicious drink for your face yielding juicy, supple skin."

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