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You clearly love our creamy, dreamy Lux Lavande lotion for hand and body: we regularly sell out. Our lotion celebrating lavender regularly elicits gasps of joy from testers at the farmer’s market as its simple, straightforward natural ingredients combine to truly sublime effect: Sweet, floral, herbaceous Lavender hydrosol. Gentle, golden Jojoba. Pure Aloe Vera. Essential oils of Lavender and Sandalwood. This your new favorite daily lotion.


An homage to lavender’s “light” & “lightness,” Lux Lavande (Latin for light, French for Lavender) is delightfully uncomplicated despite its truly indulgent texture. Anchored in gorgeous Lavender hydrosol distilled on our farm plus exotic, skin-loving aromatics of woods, resin, seed & fruit.


Sold in an 8 oz amber PET pump bottle

Lux Lavande Body Lotion

  • "I absolutely LOVE watching customers react to Lux Lavande when they test it at the market: their eyes widen with surprise and delight as they experience its thick texture and soft scent. I made it luxurious and light--it's definitely not your typical lavender lotion."

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