Remember what your hands felt like before you began brutalizing them all day? Boom! The BOMB!® Hand Recovery Balm® to the rescue! The BOMB!® is a delicious, natural way to restore moisture and encourage healing in painfully dry, cracked hands.


Developed to facilitate healing for the hands of someone who knows about cracked skin: she's an animal surgeon who washes her hands with drying soap hundreds of times a day! She was the first to tell me, "this stuff is The Bomb!" and the name stuck....

This incredibly nourishing balm moisturizes and strengthens skin through the natural properties of its premium ingredients including organic, unrefined Rose Hip Seed Oil with natural Vitamin A to restore and replenish skin, organic Avocado and Jojoba oils to moisturize and soften, a proprietary blend of essential oils to nourish and encourage healthy cells, and Vitamin E to encourage elasticity and new skin growth

To use, apply a small amount to damp skin immediately after washing hands or showering. Allow balm to melt into skin and absorb for at least 30 minutes before washing next.


Sold in 1 ounce tins, 2 ounce tins, and 4 ounce jars. A little goes a long way!



The BOMB!® Hand Recovery Balm

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