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Don't let the threat of tick bites steal your joy on the trail and in the great outdoors. We formulated our tick-repellent spray to discourage ticks from attaching themselves to gear, shoes, and clothing. Designed for surfaces and stuff (not skin), our formula features pure, potent essential oils of Palmarosa, Virginia Cedar, and Vetiver all of which have demonstrated efficacy in repelling and disocuraging ticks.


In using this product, you assert that you understand there is no known formula to 100% prevent tick bites and we make no claims or assurances that our product can prevent you from an individual tick bite or any illness or ill effect resulting therefrom.


Safe for use around children 2+ years of age. Not intended for application on the skin. Be careful in application as oils/spray may stain or discolor gear, surfaces, or clothing.


Sold in a 2 oz glass bottle with white atomizer

Tick Shield

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