to the heart of Untamed Alchemy where you'll find inspired online workshops, thoughtful guided experiences, moving milestone rituals, and sacred healing space. Connect to healing & transformation with nature, spiritual reclaiming with narrative, and empowered engagement with magic.


Ready to connect with the magic in the mundane? Longing for more active, intentional relationship with the blessings from the Earth that sustain, heal, nourish, & support us?

Register for an inspired online workshop to deepen your engagement while you work in the wild at your own pace.

Educate and empower yourself with courses exploring aromatics, herbs & oils, healing & wellness, grief & loss, magic & ritual, personal myth, spirituality & growth, and other exciting topics.

Connect in community with others sharing the journey.

Eager to reconnect meaningfully with the rhythms and shifts happening in and around you to help you ground, center, heal, and grow?

Explore guided meditations, seasonal ceremonies, and ritual resources to facilitate consistent, core practice, celebrate shifts, seasons & milestones, engage compelling archetypes, and empower your lived experience of sacred relationship.

Discover worship and presence brought to life through dynamic, deliberate, deeply personal encounters with the Divine.


Feeling stuck? Sick and tired of living an old story you suspect isn't good or even true? Anxious to push past outdated personal narrative into courageous relationship with your fundamental truth AND deepest secret? Engage storytelling as medicine to experience literal and allegorical character development in your personal narrative. Learn how to live into your wound to radically reclaim and heal your one wild & precious life through self-inquiry, discovery, and development.

Connect with guided alchemical journeys, creative activities, and storytelling to reinvigorate relationship with your Shadow and your Self.

Re-Enchant Your Everyday Life

Discover the magic all around you!

Explore the myth, mystery, and medicine connected to aromatics, herbs & oils, flora & fauna, seasons & cycles, symbols & archetypes. Learn how to find the magical in the mundane and engage everyday opportunities to explore meaning, set intention, reclaim narrative, and make magic.

Heal What Haunts You

Make Your Madness Your Medicine.

The thing at the heart of your most secret suffering is the very thing that will unlock your superpower. Discover how your deepest wound holds the key to unlocking your most meaningful healing. Learn how to embrace dynamic relationship with your wound, your Self, and your Shadow. Reclaim your "curse" as your greatest blessing and embrace it as your birthright.

Plug Back Into Source

Reconnect with inspired ritual and ceremony.

Dynamic, deliberate, and deeply personal encounters with the divine can facilitate our thriving. Lived experiences of sacred relationship empower us to overcome our fears, reconcile emotions, celebrate milestones, reclaim our narrative, and reframe our future.

Become an Active Creator of Your Own Story

Reclaim your narrative.

Once upon a time, you settled on the story you tell yourself and others about why you are who and how you are. You probably already suspect that story is doing you harm. Learn how to engage storytelling as medicine,  alchemy for transformation, and truth for transmutation.

Make Your Magic!

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